My name is Rhonda and I have spent the last 28 years training all types of people including pro athletes, soccer moms and even Royalty. While everyone has a unique personal fitness goal, almost all of my clients share in at least one of these general goals:

  •   Increase Fitness / Performance
  • Improve Health and Prevent Injury
  • Rehabilitate Injuries or Strengthen Weaknesses

With tens of thousands of hours training people and years of education, the best single tool in my box to help my clients is, Muscle Activation Techniques. There is a good reason why some of the worlds top paid Athletes use MAT to increase performance, prevent injury and recovery from injury. With this website I hope to educate you on the benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques so you can have the advantage just like the pros.


If you would like to contact me, have some questions or want to setup a session, feel free to use any method below.



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